"Baby steps in travelling" -An Introduction

Our first trip together began with our honeymoon to Maldives. Although it was nothing short of an exotic vacation, it lacked the vibes of adventure or the rush a real trip would offer. And needless to say, that's how honeymoons turn out to be.

 It was only when I sat down to prepare the itinerary for Bali last year, that I reveled the thrill working through me. How to map our routes, pick the best stays, look out for hidden gems to dine, explore, photograph and budget the whole journey became an exciting affair to engage in.We are very amateur travelers hailing from South India, having explored only four countries by far whilst our expatriate lives in Doha, UAE and Saudi Arabia. And as a bonus, we do have travel stories of tours from the countries we lived in for a long-term.

Just as the case with food, striving to become travel enthusiasts was another box to tick off our list of couple goals. My husband and I began to explore tidbits of what was in our reach in our special way.Like I said earlier, we are no professionals or more to say, even far from that word at traveling.
But we now know the word "tour" in its simplest form -one that we could enjoy as long as we never cared about the materialistic pleasures of this world.

So tag along and read on to know where we trotted and what we experienced.