“Rewiring the grunge “- An extension of a mother's mind

Almost three-fourth into my pregnancy, I was imposed by many that I will have to hold off what I do with the cakes for a few years. I felt deep sadness within, it almost crushed me because no one could fathom what this line of art meant to me. Although I am not a cake decorator who churns out many cakes every week, I strongly believed in choosing quality over quantity.

To me as a young mother, everything was to be taken with a pinch of salt. While I was fascinated by the thought of slowly picking up myself to put back together the long lost sleight of hands, I also feared enduring failure by going against all the unsolicited advice.

This thing called Motherhood threw me into a bottomless pit. One can feel overjoyed yet helpless and emotional in there. There have been infinite times I have felt like I am in some kind of bondage; dark,dirty and gloomy. A twisted set of knots I could not undo.

I wanted to feel set free. Undone. The grunge was something I did not foresee. And there I was living the grunge, unable to figure out what Art even meant to me anymore. I kept trying time and again only to realize that Art will not come back into this pit like yesteryear.

"Then one fine day Art paid a visit to the grunge.

Art came to me while I changed pooey diapers.

Art came to me while I sat in the corner of my kitchen eating a well-deserved lonely meal.

Art came to me while tears rolled down my eyes whilst feeding my baby.

Art came to me during the wee hours of the night.

Art came to me and said, “Rewire yourself amidst this grunge"

Everything post partum is all about rewiring. So much has changed and you are a new "you" caressing another "you " If you have been feeling lost or that you will never be able to get back your old self, don't bother to.

Rather, embrace this new body you have, find the new connections inside you and create that spark with the little resources you have lying around you. By the end of this rewiring process, you will be amazed at how much you have been able to pull yourself together through this grunge. When I was finishing this cake, a familiar wave of emotion washed over me. It felt like home,it felt comforting and for once I felt set free.

If you are a young mother and have hit a rough patch in your post partum journey, take it as an opportunity to step back and look for clarity. Chances are that the haze will clear and you will make progress in a measure that should please only you because you deserve to.

This was a German Chocolate cake finished with textured buttercream.I have used various undertones of teal,green,blue and yellow beneath the dominant layers of grey and black which is synonymous to the time before and after pregnancy. The rewiring has been depicted using floral wires painted in edible copper. I should thank my dental pliers for helping me create the intricate knots.

This cake was created for Mr Adnan and family.When I unboxed the cake at their place, their daughters exclaimed, " Now this is a piece of Art"

Did I not tell you Art came back to me?