“Thomas takes you places”- Birthday edition

While reopening the venture with it's first official order after almost seven months, some bits felt familiar while some did not.

I apologize for turning down so many of you coming forward with orders and enquiries. My responsibilities as a young mother constantly put me up to more vital chores every week. Flashback to last year, this very same client approached me with the same theme and I embarked on the sketch soon after which I began with back to back bouts of throwing up and hospitalization for Hyperemesis during my pregnancy. She had to be turned down and yet she came back this year hoping I would be available and say Yes.

And boy I did !!! She explained how much she loved to have this made by me and at that juncture, I felt truely blessed. Who would say no to rare clients who believe in you more than yourself even before the cake has come to fruition.

" It's a piece of heaven.I appreciate your work and I feel you work with love and emotion unlike a traditional cake shop " says Dr Aseel, my client who was elated with her son's cake.

Being a Cake artist goes beyond putting together a creation. What is rewarding is their priceless feedback and note of adoration in their words.My eyes welled up as if this was my first but is in fact almost second nature to me whenever a client thanks me wholeheartedly.

Flavor profile : An Ultimate Chocolate cake layered with malted chocolate frosting and covered in Ganache.

The texture work has been achieved with tinted buttercream.The details of the train have been handcrafted in fondant and brought to life by hand painting with edible colors. The design is a recreation of a popular design from my previous cake depicting a similar concept. I believe a child's favorite character or subject emerging out from a cake as if from a scenic landscape has a greater visual impact upon viewing.