“Emira" - Christening edition

"Emira" Because there is no reason why I should call this cake by any other name. For the longest time I wasn't wholeheartedly encouraged by anyone for this as it would be too big a task to take up as a young mother. I even went to the extent of looking for other artists to create her Christening cake. It took me a lot of time to get convinced that I can be on my feet to take up this task. In the end I concluded that a few years down the line I don't wish to look back and feel bad about not creating this for one of the most important days of her life. The design inspiration for Emira's cake always lay hidden in a corner of my heart alongside the many many other designs that I have chalked out for such once in a lifetime occasions. Her cake design kept taking new forms each time I re-imagined it whilst nursing her over the past few weeks.

The cake is all about our journey together way before she was born. The beige tiers were dressed to look like parched layers of paper torn, wrinkling and opening up to reveal aged brown hues gilded in gold. These details talk of our discoveries,lessons learnt as mother and child, each one maturing us into patient humans struck by the radiance of innocent,pure love. The delicate sprays of Ash green petals depict the flashes of delight I indulge in while I spend each day with her. Those moments are short yet overwhelming lasting a lifetime in my mind's eye. The cross was inspired by a pendant gifted to me by my sister in law on my wedding day.

The parched effect was achieved with wafer paper on fondant brought to life by dusting with edible colors and Gold leaf. The petal details were made with wafer paper treated by hand to give a torn, light and dainty look further dusted and gilded. The Cross was handmade in Gumpaste, which was sculpted, textured and further painted in edible gold. Keeping in mind that I had many constraints to do this cake, I wanted to be practical by skipping the baking sessions. 98 percent of the cake is Styrofoam while the remaining 2 percent was a  small chunk that was replaced by store bought plum cake which I layered and Ganached. I divided the decorating sessions over a period of seven days and worked on it whenever Emira took her naps.

I hope this labor of love from this young mother has done justice to her baby girl. Emi, this one is for you.

The first bite of my labor making its way to her lips.And what a pinch-me moment that was !