“The Adventuress"- Birthday edition

I put down as many as 15 orders through the first trimester because it was simply not practical to bend my back with a complicated pregnancy.There came a phase when I began to feel the symptoms cease and the energy come through. A time when I personally came around to normalcy and began to accept client inquiries.And one such client was Deb for whom I was happy to cater to. As the name goes, @adventurerdeb is all about adventures in the stunning deserts and off-roads of Saudi Arabia.

She wanted to take these cuppies to the dunes and celebrate her birthday with her squad. Now, how cool is that. I must say I have never had such adventurous clients before, hence the name "Adventuress"

Deb says her nickname is Blue balls, and she wanted something fun to do with that as the decor on her cupcakes. So a batch of 36 cupcakes in Ultimate Chocolate frosted with Vanilla Buttercream were made.Baked in jazzy silver liners and topped with meticulously handcrafted chocolate spheres.The Blue chocolate spheres were the highlight of this preparation.I gave them a nice sheen with edible lustre bringing out a Christmas bauble like vibe.

Thankyou so much Deb for being a lovely client. I sure had fun creating these cuppies for you.And so did my little helper growing inside me.