“A Vintage Charm”- Birthday edition

Brown and gold. A combination that excites me so much. Very earthy. Very antique. Very vintage.

Many thanks to my friend Reema Siraj, who is also an amazing Cake Artist herself for recommending my work to the client.I am so glad I took it up and executed it.I had free reins to design this cake from my client Ruqaiya. This Ultimate chocolate cake along with a set of decorated Gingerbread cookies were made for her fiancé’s mother.

Carving and bringing chocolate or rather Ganache to life has been on my mind since a few months.While I chose to have the bird accents and the cupid done in ready moulds with chocolate, there is no escaping the pressure of creating a scenery by carving on Ganache.

The image was inspired from the embellishments of an old Bible I own. I do not have it here with me, hence the mind's eye was the guide. Meticulous carving and sculpting followed by carefully embellishing the embossed areas with edible gold yielded this result. Since the cake had to travel from Dammam to Medina which sums up to a 12 hour ride, I was so skeptical about the heat and how the ganache would hold up.

These set of cookies were hard to let go of. A one of a kind style I recently developed for attaining texture on glazed cookies and can you not tell already how therapeutic it feels to the eye? A marble plaque with an aged metallic embellishment was what I had in mind. It was truly exciting building up this texture and I am in love.

 My client wanted to deliver so many personalized notes for the celebrant. Putting them on edible goodness such as these fragrant Gingerbread cookies was one of the best decisions she made ! Cobblestone texture, Junk Gold, Vintage embellishments all amounting to a feel that was rich, heavy and glorious.