My Baby shower for Emira

From planning on doing nothing to literally everything was what happened with the Dessert table. I wanted a small cake to take the center space and still not be something elaborate or time consuming to create.

A baked Strawberry Cheesecake frosted in earthy brown and moss colored buttercream, finished off with edible handcrafted chocolate toppers. I think we did Cupcake justice here didn't we? This was a baked Strawberry Cheesecake frosted in earthy brown and moss colored buttercream, finished off with edible handcrafted chocolate toppers..

I have always loved how some bakers give even simple cupcakes a very rustic and appealing touch that doesn't need them to look perfect.It was pretty much the same idea here.

These were Strawberry Cheesecake cuppies frosted with Chocolate buttercream and golden sprinkles served for our guests during the cake cutting..

Those of you who know me too well also know how much I heart Tiramisu. It happens to be one dessert I might have made many many times for my guests. So yes, it made it to the table again for everyone to scoop off after dinner.

Since the theme was autumnal, I found it apt to make Gingerbread cookies for the favors.The dough was textured, baked and then hand painted in a Bronzy Gold for that charming look.

Our space is small and when I say small, I mean really small. Jovi, Mom and I brainstormed for days as to how do we rearrange the furniture and transform the cake studio. Since I have a small slow growing collection of trinkets, showpieces, wood, dry flowers, tableware and what not. I thought, let's put them all to good use here.

Mom and I have not really put together our creative ideas for over five years at anything because there never came a time like that. She wanted to temporarily up-cycle our ladder to a corner like this and we were very impressed with what she did.

It's hard to get a lot of family members by your side when you have decided to birth as an expat. I had my mom from my family and my Brother in law from my husband's family to celebrate this day with us. I wouldn't have been able to do anything if it weren't for their help and support.Our heartfelt thanks to our dearest buddy Ancel for helping us out with the decor.

We kept this room shut and discrete until all the guests arrived. When they walked in for the Cake cutting ceremony, we were thrilled to see their reactions.

And that was how this Baby Shower turned out to be. My favourite elements in decor- Jute, wood, tulle, dry flowers, fairy lights and loads of Cupcakes, came alive! It goes without saying what was served for main course;my all time favorite-Hyderabadi Mutton Biriyani and I ate to my heart's content.

38 weeks today and we are super anxious to see and touch our bub. Patiently waiting….