“Little Star” - A gift to a Newborn

"Little Star" they called him...

These personalized set of Gingerbread cookies were a gift from our oven to our dear friend Reshma who gave birth to her first born last December.

The signs that appear to us before we know of something. These little details still amaze me. The night before my friend tells me of their baby's nickname, I had a dream in which I was handing over paper stars to her. Next morning I tell her about the dream and she says, we call him " Little Star ".

Royal blue onesies studded with golden stars, these were my thoughts when I conceived the design as I watched Little growing up on his mother’s Instagram stories. To me, the story that sunk in the most was the very first time Little turned his head as his father spoke to him.  I remember it being about how pure Little was as their hearts.

These Heart cookies were built up with textures in royal icing and gold leaf with edible blue carefully handpainted to bring out that vibrance.

Last image calls for a bonus story and it goes like this.

February is always a busy month for me ever since I began my venture and this year was no different. To top it all off we planned an emergency flight to Mangalore in March to restore our frozen Bank accounts. Knowing that I was sure to fly I planned on creating these cookies as a surprise gift to send over to Reshma.

I began to experience brief blackouts and trying to hold back vomit while decorating these baby themed ones. I even made a few trips to the loo thinking I should rid myself to feel better but nothing worked.

I knew. I gazed at that onesie cookie and smiled. I just knew right then and there that my body was giving me the very first hints in week four with my periods late by two days.

We couldn't contain our anxiety the next night at the airport and I couldn't wait to land and grab a pee stick. Soon after we landed, we got home, showered and rushed to Moodbidri ( an hour from Mangalore) to finish off the bank work. I began to have longer blackouts while I waited at the bank and we decided on heading straight to the clinic on the way back to Mangalore.

An hour later, a 50 plus old nurse called Marymol, handed me over the pee stick, chuckled and gently whispered....Positive !

As for these cookies, Oh yes! They made it safely to Cochin not only as a surprise gift but also as a small way of Madhuram( sweets) to share my good news with her.