“The Chocoholic” - Birthday edition

A few weeks ago, I woke up to a client's message all the way from Australia and believe me I was getting those jitters.

What I was happy about was the absolute simplicity of the design she was looking for. She was quietly planning her husband's surprise birthday party to be organized as soon as she gets back to Saudi and boy! Surprise cakes are a thing for me. I was told her husband was a chocolate junkie and he would certainly be all hearts to see a cake dressed in chocolate and edible gold.

A bar of charming plaid in chocolate and gold.

Chocolate spheres. Some in gold. Some ever so lightly clad in fragments of gold. A large eccentric portion of edible gold leaf on the body of the cake. And a gentle spray of gold paint for a celestial touch.

I have never done something like this and I have no regrets whatsoever about the execution.

"Well received. My husband loved it!” were her words and my chocolate cake leftovers wink back at me even now as I write this.

Flavour? Ultimate Chocolate of course !!!