"Ginger bread house"- Christmas edition

Moving to Saudi changed me immensely.There were so many things I took for granted in the past that are now no longer available here. The sweet traditions of Christmas were one such custom I have never been able to embrace and chose to embark on this time.Making Gingerbread houses were a first for me and I was altogether skeptical and excited at the same time.

While baking them templates seemed fairly easy, constructing them by joining the walls and staying put afterwards brought forth the real challenge. I managed to do two different styles of houses and it is safe to say that I was quite pleased with the outcome. While one stood tall and majestic, the other stood small, humble and cottage-like charming.

There was nothing different with my approach to making these houses. I used a traditional gingerbread recipe, fused the templates with royal icing and piped generous dots, lines and scrolls to bring out that stark contrast of white against brown. I had some piped snow flakes ready from a previous cake project which I chose to stud the house.The roof and the base of the display was coated with white glaze. I recommend you do this very carefully with a glaze of fairly thick and viscous consistency.

On Christmas eve, I stood back and took a good look at my houses and said to myself, “Yep..that tiny not so perfect and traditional white and brown structure of aroma is where I want to tuck in tonight”