"Winter berries" - Christmas edition

As a child I had no options as to where Christmas would be spent.I won't lie, I have had some really sad chains of Christmas seasons as a kid.All of December, my mom would be slogging alongside her mother in law aka my granny.The spooky dark ancestral house in the village was our Christmas for nearly ten years.

Grandpa was against anything churning out from electricity, so there was no television, refrigerator and the rest is pretty obvious.My brother and I would anxiously wait for the postman bringing Christmas cards.I would sit in the back yard watching the soot coated vessels bubbling with rice and those were campfire moments to me.There was one greeting card in particular that I would never forget.Winter berries...

And that card, the details of the scenery on it were a lot like this.Bright red berries dressed with a plop of snow atop.The picture seemed to show a dreamy winter morning and it was snowing.So all through these years I have carried the image in my mind's eye and finally stroked it on a cake.

The scenery has been hand painted in edible colours and as always I gave a wreath around the rim.This time the wreath was white, studded with handcrafted red berries.

When you are able to commit snippets or imagery as a painting , believe me it gives an immense sense of satisfaction.My edible paintings are far from perfect and I am forever learning to embrace it to the fullest.

This is yet another edit of the Christmas wreath topper for the Christmas fruit cakes from my oven.