"A Marble themed Christmas"- Christmas edition

The Christmas night sky is possibly every kid-in-an-adult's dream isnt it?The silhouette of Santa's army in the air beneath glittery golden stars..Dreamy much?

Minimalism and marble seemed to be inseparable ever since the trend began. Although my initial plan was to incorporate green in this design, I had a last minute change of plans. As far as it concerns me, Black and gold combo is a keeper and will somehow make an appearance time and again in my designs chalked out for next year.So I married the marble with that star of a combo to create this palette and the results were beautiful .

The wreath, sleigh, reindeers and the stars were created in Royal icing.I was deliberate on giving texture to the stars so the edible gold when brushed over gave a lasting impression.The baubles on the wreath were handcrafted in Fondant; some of which were marbled and handpainted.

This glamorous Christmas wreath topper lay atop our popular Christmas fruit cake that sells out well during December.