"The Nordic Experiment" - Statement cake

A German chocolate cake layered with coconut pecan custard filling and frosted in Ganache.

The reason I call it an experiment is because I am still in a state of doubt if it complies with Nordic style. While Nordic designs invite airy, crisp clean lines with hints of metal and organic elements, I decided to incorporate a few extra notes of organic origin to complete the design.

Earthy brown pillars, overgrown with moss balanced by succulents and beaten metal interspersed with grey marble. This was my concept that I attempted to bring to life.

These edible succulents have been handcrafted in bean paste and dusted with edible dust. I made the bean paste from black lentils popularly known in India as Urad Dal and I felt this medium brought more life in terms of texture to the succulents as opposed to using fondant. An arrangement of beaten copper and marble strips handcrafted in fondant has been given to finish the look. The moss is edible and I feel it was an important element of the cake as far as the looks are concerned.

Made for Ancel Bernard who emerged the first prize winner of the Instagram giveaway contest held in December 2017.