"Sweet Innocence" -Birthday edition

A German Chocolate cake layered with coconut pecan custard filling and frosted in Ganache & Fondant. Design Inspiration-Vivienne was born a year ago & her birth transformed her sister Yvonne into the role of a guardian angel.Everyone in her family are admirers of her innocent smile and are amalgamated together with their passion for photography.Vivienne's father Enjo Mathew is a renowned Photographer & the surrealism in his captures inspired me to work out on a photo frame with a picture of his little girls projecting out of the frame to create interest in its visual perspective. The main highlight of this cake was the all edible frame and photograph entirely hand sculpted & hand painted.The wave of teal and peach around the frame symbolizes the escapade and excitement of the girls in their photographs as described to me very fondly by their mother Jeena. A palette of Teal, Peach & rusty gold has been used on various mediums of chocolate, wafer, Fondant, Gumpaste, Sugar Lace & royal icing to bring in the elegance factor of this creation.Made for Vivienne on her first birthday as requested by her parents-Jeena & Enjo.