"Eucharistia"-First Holy Communion edition

The bread that you see on the altar is the Body of Christ as soon as it is sanctified by God’s word. The chalice, or better what is contained in the chalice, is the Blood of Christ as soon as it is sanctified by God’s word - St. Augustine

Design Inspiration- A marriage of old and new styles of altar design was my attempt in this cake.Vibrant Bluish purple, Light Mint Green, Turquoise & Oxidised Silver were the theme colors given to me. An antique chalice with mint green jade stones mounted into the ornate work on it.The Chalice is propped along with a bunch of Coronation grapes with its leaves & tendrils curling around the chalice.A loaf of Bread with Wheat spikes placed beside the Chalice. All of these elements resting atop the altar which is wood refurbished to have a worn out Turquoise shade put together as a palette wood Altar.Soft white edible lace to symbolize the Altar linen. The elements atop the Altar have been meticulously sculpted from various edible mediums followed by painting & dusting with edible colors.The "Worn Turquoise " effect has been entirely Handpainted with edible colors. Made to celebrate the First Holy Communion Day of Reagan as requested by his parents Ramona & Rajesh Periera.