"The Tree of life" -Anniversary edition

A Chocolate Date cake layered and frosted in Cardamom Pistachio Ganache & covered in Fondant. Design Inspiration-This cake depicts a family tree & their transition from 25years of marriage to the next golden era.The roots, trunk and main branches of the tree, their leaves & fruits have therefore been done in Silver representing the beginning of their marriage, the fruits of love they bore; their children and the days of thick and thin that held them together.The transition into gold towards the top signifies the embrace of the golden years with new hopes and dreams. The three tiers have been colored in light grey, grey & Charcoal with a metallic sheen. The entire tree has been sculpted in Fondant.The leaves have been handcrafted in Gumpaste, Sugar pearls have been used for the fruits.All elements were handpainted in various tones of silver and gold to bring in the transition.The cake board was fabricated in fondant and chocolate, dusted with edible silver to create a bark effect. My sincere thanks to Diana Dsouza for the design inspiration. This Cake was made for Naveen & Diana on the occasion of their 25th wedding anniversary celebrations held at Courtyard by Marriot, Dubai.