"Love takes flight" -Engagement edition

A Spiced Chai cake layered with Ginger Cream cheese buttercream & frosted in Ganache. The Design inspiration-A common myth about keeping lovebirds is that they should always be kept in pairs.Very active, curious, and playful, lovebirds pack a lot of personality into a small package. The engaged couple was described to me as very adventurous, fun loving & playful and hence the theme of love taking flight between them projected in a dramatic fashion with a cascade of Golden feathers along with a tree trunk & an ancient scroll. The tree trunk has been textured by hand to appear as a gold embellished bark, scroll inscription has been piped with royal icing, feathers created in gum paste, handpainted in various tones of gold, copper & bronze.The branch & birds have also been handcrafted in gum paste and handpainted.Made for Kieve & Vanessa on the occasion of their engagement ceremony as requested by Mr & Mrs. Pinto.