"To my Queen" -Birthday edition

A German chocolate cake layered in Coconut-pecan custard filling and frosted in White chocolate Ganache.This two-tiered cake speaks of the love of a husband who affectionately calls his wife "Queen".The design of the cake relives the travel diaries of the birthday girl who is a Mom-to-be and adores the seven wonders of the world.The Queen chess piece symbolizes great power on the chess board and I have used the concept to personify the mom-to-be in this cake.The vintage boarding pass, postage seals, seven wonders of the worlds as well as the pregnant Queen have been handcrafted & painted in edible colors.A Caesar's Wreath embroidery has been piped onto the base tier with Royal Icing and handpainted in edible gold. The chess piece & Chessboard has been handcrafted in Fondant.This cake was privileged to be a part of a Photoshoot for the mom-to-be on her birthday and was made on request by Larry Rolson D'Souza for his wife Sherin Walder D'souza.