"The Watercolour theme Cake" -Birthday edition

A delicately spiced Carrot Cake layered & frosted in Vanilla buttercream.This cake has been finished off in buttercream that has been selectively colored to give a dreamy watercolor effect.Also, the flower topper used is a Magnolia created in Edible sugar/Gum Paste.The embossed floral art has been created with Royal Icing and painted in edible Gold.The magnolia tree is one of the most ancient flowering trees known to mankind. Magnolias evolved before the bees, and are hence capable of being pollinated only by beetles.These flowers have a very sturdy center.The reason I chose this flower is that in this context the Flower represents the father of the family who is always strong and is a symbol of nobility, purity, perseverance & perfection.Made for Mr. Shah on the occasion of his 56th birthday on request by his children Jaimin & Prakruti.