"Learning to Eat" -An Introduction

I grew up in an introvert household in Qatar. Which also meant, eating out at a restaurant or hotel was a rarity. Dad was strictly against the idea of eating out or for that matter wouldn't touch a morsel of anything that was homecooked in a different cuisine or style. If we ever prodded rebelliously on this matter and drove him to the point of a take-out which was the bare minimum possible, hell would break loose and we would regret why we ever asked for it in the first place. And over the years my tummy grew immune to outside food, which got me into all sorts of trouble one could imagine.

My husband, on the other hand, grew up in Mangalore, seeing hard times right from school through adulthood. He loved food like an incurable romantic. But was seldom lucky to get a decent bite off the life others lived in his times.

Now that we were even despite the differences, we knew we could complete each other, by eating the world. We may not have eaten at the finest tables as yet, but we sure have developed a hawk's eye for what our gut desires, without disappointing our pockets and still managing to create little niches in our minds of what our tongues tasted and lips locked over.Tea and Coffee are equally admired by us and despite my lactose intolerance I still take the courage to try a glass of Chai every time I find a new place.While my husband is more inclined to burgers and steaks, I like to indulge in Southeast Asian, Italian and Indian cuisines.

One question that a lot many people ask us is that how do we stumble upon our finds.Well, I should thank my venture for that because most of the times, we would head out for cake supplies and market surveys and end up hungry on the road realizing it's too late to go back home and cook.And that's when the hunt for eateries begin landing us on the right tables.Clearly, it doesn't hurt to read reviews before walking in and that's where apps such as Zomato, Foursquare, and Trip Advisor have stood by us in various countries we have visited so far and we return the favour via our food reviews.

So that's all for now about our dining stories so far and I will be drooling and documenting our food journeys in the upcoming posts.So till then, stay hungry peeps.